My debut novel on the Syrian conflict launched on 29 February! It highlights the human toll the Syrian conflict has had on Syrian civilians since 2011, particularly the children. My publisher, Pandamoon Publishing, and I are donating a percentage of the profit to Save the Children’s Syrian Children’s Fund. Please help us make a difference today!

You can make a max donation to Save the Children by getting a copy of the book here: Click here to order LOOKING INTO THE SUN!

Or if you are local to Norfolk, VA – support Norfolk’s fabulous independent bookstore and pick up a copy at Prince Books located at 109 East Main Street in downtown Norfolk. 

***I will be at The Book Exchange at 116 East Little Creek Blvd. in Norfolk at Ward’s Corner on Saturday, 3 September, from 10-noon, where you can meet me and pick up a signed copy! John Knight, Book Exchange Owner, is donating all of the day’s book sales to Save the Children’s Syrian Children’s Fund for our cause! Thanks so much John!*** 

***Listen to my interview on HearSay with Cathy Lewis on WHRV, Norfolk, Virginia’s NPR affiliate: HearSay Interview on WHRV (My interview begins 10 minutes into the broadcast and ends at the 28 minute mark)***



7 thoughts on “Home

  1. katherinecerulean

    Hi Todd,

    Pardon me for bothering you but I saw you were one of the highest-rated books on Amazon by Pandamoon Publishing — would you recommend them?

    They’ve expressed an interest in my manuscript but I wondered if they were useful to you or wanted you buy any services from them or anything odd like that?

    Thank you SO MUCH for taking time to read this — and congrats on your book!

    Have a great day,
    Katherine Cerulean
    President, Athens Writers Association

    1. toddtavolazzi Post author

      Hi Ketherine. Pandamoon is a tight-knit community of dedicated writers, publishers, editors, and marketing specialists. They really care about the craft, their writers and employees and changing the industry for the better. Zara Kramer is a knowledgeable and dedicated professional with a heart of gold. They are a small and independent group, unlike the corporate publishers, but they offer an intimate publishing experience with a fantastic supportive group behind you. If you have the chance to get in the group – that means Zara likes you and your work and she is a pretty good judge at both. They don’t charge anything. They are a legit publisher that I have been very happy with.

      Hope that helps! I will look for your name in our future meetings! Congrats on getting your work recognized! It’s a fun process to see your work take shape and hit the world! Best of luck to you!


  2. Nick Kraushaar

    Just finished Looking into the Sun. What a great book. I am truly impressed, Naval Aviator, author and great karaoke singer. Keep up the good work. Can’t wait for the next book. Let me know when it’s published.

    1. toddtavolazzi Post author

      Thanks Nick! You’re a fine American as well…Frogman extraordinaire…and brother with Ike…both not easy endeavors… 🙂 Working on drafts of the screenplay for Sleeperwave Films who recently acquired the film rights and optioned my screenplay based on the book! Thanks for the nice words! I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to read the book and comment for me. Put in an Amazon review if you have a few minutes… Thanks Nick!

    1. toddtavolazzi Post author

      Never heard him sing…so, I’m a bit unqualified to answer that one…and what I think about the late Mr. Swayze’s singing voice isn’t really relevant…but thanks for the random comment… 🙂


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